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Medical Tourism

Treatment in Russia

The Republican perinatal center is a modern maternity care facility that provides all types of qualified, high-tech medical care in the field of obstetrics, gynecology and neonatology, as well as providing outpatient, consultative, diagnostic and medical rehabilitation assistance to women and young children. The perinatal center is equipped with unique medical and diagnostic equipment and employs highly qualified staff. Our center specializes in delivery of women with pregnancy complications, management of premature birth, birth of children with RH-conflict, malformations. We have everything you need to care for these children - modern equipment, tracking equipment and modern diagnostic equipment. Further, these children are observed in the catamnesis room of the consultative and diagnostic Department until they are three years old, where they are examined by neurologists, orthopedists, ophthalmologists, and pediatricians.

All about medical care for foreign citizens:

1. Medical assistance to foreign citizens temporarily staying (temporarily residing) or permanently residing in the Russian Federation, in an emergency form for sudden acute diseases, conditions, exacerbation of chronic diseases that pose a threat to the patient's life, is provided free of charge.

2. Foreign citizens who are insured in accordance with the Federal law "on compulsory medical insurance in the Russian Federation" have the right to free medical care in any form within the framework of compulsory medical insurance.

3. Medical care in emergency and planned form is provided to foreign citizens in accordance with agreements on the provision of paid medical services, or voluntary medical insurance contracts and (or) concluded in favor of foreign citizens specified in paragraph 2, contracts in the field of compulsory medical insurance.

4. Medical care in the planned form is provided on the condition that a foreign citizen provides written guarantees of fulfillment of the obligation to pay the actual cost of medical services or prepayment of medical services based on the expected volume of these services (except in cases of medical care in accordance with paragraph 2), as well as the necessary medical documentation (extract from the medical history, data from clinical, x-ray, laboratory and other studies), if available.

5. After completion of treatment of a foreign citizen in his address or legal or natural persons representing the interests of the foreign citizen, in agreement with the specified citizen is sent an extract from the medical records indicating the duration of medical care, as well as of measures for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Medical documentation sent from the Republican perinatal center to another state is filled in in Russian.

6. Invoices for the actual medical care provided within 10 days after the end of treatment are sent to the address of a foreign citizen or a legal or natural person representing the interests of a foreign citizen, unless otherwise provided by the contract in accordance with which it was provided (except in cases of medical care in accordance with paragraph 2).

7. Disputes related to the provision of medical care or late payment of invoices for actually rendered medical care are resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

8. If an international Treaty of the Russian Federation establishes a different procedure for providing medical care to foreign citizens, the rules of the international Treaty apply.


State budgetary institution of the Republic of Dagestan " Republican perinatal center»

Postal address:

2 Ahmed Magomedov street, Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan, 367027


* Maternity ward emergency room: +7 (8722) 64-01-29

* Clinic registry: +7 (8722) 64-01-32

* Chief doctor's office: +7 (8722) 64-01-28

* Deputy chief medical officer for medical services: +7 (8722) 64-01-26

• E-mail address: rpc-mp@mail.ru

Operating mode:

Emergency room: 24 hours a Day, seven days a week

Polyclinic: from 9: 00 to 14: 00, weekend Saturday, Sunday


Work schedule of specialists :

Hospital specialists: around the Clock

Specialists of the polyclinic: from 9: 00 to 14: 00, weekend Saturday, Sunday